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You'll be surprised to know that when you buy a typical 15€ bottle of wine in the Germany, you are only actually getting between 3€ and 5€ worth of wine in the bottle, and that even so the winery that produced it is lucky to get 3€ on each bottle. Commercial pressures are getting to a level where they are unsustainable for hard working wine growers.

Direkt Vom Weingut was created to help the producers, by opening a direct channel to consumers in their key markets. Consumers who share their passion, love and appreciation for truly great wine. By supporting the wineries that participate in the Direkt Vom Weingut programme, you are helping to ensure that their business and livelihood is sustainable for the future. You are also doing yourself a very great favour by ensuring that there is much more quality and value of wine in the next bottle you buy .

Direkt Vom Weingut is not an e-Commerce website and never will be. It is a signpost to the individual winery websites where you can buy direct with FREE DELIVERY in the Germany. There are no intermediaries between the wine cellar and your table, which only serve to penalise the quality of your wine.

Direkt Vom Weingut, together with the producers that are participating in the programme, are creating a movement that is changing the way that people buy wine!!

Unless you can go directly to the shop at the winery to buy your wines, then you can be sure that they have passed through multiple hands to reach you.
There are however two major drawbacks to this:


Good wine that is of genuine quality and not chemically treated is a very delicate product. When it is then ripped from the protective controlled conditions of the wine cellar and stored for periods in various warehouses and stores, it can lose much of its characteristics.


Each step in the supply chain represents an increase in price but not in value. In the end you are paying a lot for the wine simply because every intermediary has had to be paid for his part in the operation of selling the wine to you, the end consumer.

6 advantages of buying direct from the wineries

Higher quality of wine

Your wines are stored in a controlled environment to ensure the best possible quality of the wine is maintained. Once ordered they are sent directly to you without passing through the hands of an intermediary.

Best price guaranteed

The prices on our winery websites are the lowest possible for these wines online. However if you do find the same wine at a lower cost (including shipping costs) we will give you a free bottle of wine.

Buy direct & discover new wines

Buying direct from the wineries means that you can find niche wines of higher quality that don’t have the volume to be considered for normal high volume distribution channels. Wines that have not been selected for the Germany market due to reasons of commercial pressure or the personal taste of the big wine buyer who is ultimately filtering your choices.

Direct contact & advice from the winery

Who could possibly be better qualified than the producer to help you choose the right wines for every occasion? You can email them directly for advice on food pairing, ageing, storage and serving.

Lots of great offers

Every week you will find lots of unmissable offers on wines to suit every taste. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss a great deal and get 5 € to spend on your next wine purchase.

Fast & secure delivery

We rely on one of the best possible delivery fulfillment services available using a 48 Hour Express Courier Service for the Germany with online tracking. Your wines will be carefully packaged in drop proof security cases to ensure they reach you in the best possible condition.

There are so many small artisan wineries that produce wines with passion in small quantities, that you would normally not get the chance to buy in the Germany. Direkt Vom Weingut allows you to discover them by making the entire e-Commerce and International marketing process a simple turnkey solution for the wineries. Here, there is no big wine buyer from a supermarket chain filtering your choices for you, based on their own particular palate and commercial considerations. Buying from the winery websites that take part in the Direkt Vom Weingut programme, there are no intermediaries. Wine fresh from the cellar direct to your table at the right price.

Where can you buy the wine?

We carefully select the wineries that participate in the Direkt Vom Weingut programme to ensure they are genuine, quality wines, produced with passion and respect for the land.
Here we are featuring just a few of the wineries participating and we will continue to introduce you to many more in the coming weeks and months, so make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter to hear about more featured wineries as we introduce them to the market.
Visit the winery websites below, then buy online with secure online payment and fast shipping.

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Are you a wine producer who would like to join the Direkt Vom Weingut programme?
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